Commodities Escort & Protection

     Commodities Escort and Protection is a low-profile, high-readiness security measure deployed to safely transport valuable goods from one secure location to the next.

     High-value commodities in transition from location to location are at their most vulnerable. Unfortunately, this fact is widely known by the criminal groups skilled at targeting them. These groups are often highly experienced, organized, and well aware of the signs of an unsecured transport. This is precisely why escort by expertly trained protection professionals is a necessity.

     Early detection of hostile surveillance is the best way to mitigate the risk of robbery, theft, or hijacking of valuable goods. A proactive strategic response plan, and a team of experienced professionals to execute it is essential for success against all levels of risk.

     Prior to escort or transport, experienced Agents prepare and design an appropriate course of action to ensure confidentiality, chain-of-custody, and safety of your goods until they reach the authorized final destination and personnel.

     We’ve used our low-profile, high-readiness strategy to secure jewels, cash, and other high-value goods worth millions. Our tactics ensure opportunistic (amateur) attackers are unaware of opportunity and skilled hijackers are discovered and addressed before they have the ability to act.

     ARDENT Professionals have been trusted to secure the transport of a variety of high-value goods, to include:

  • Precious Jewels
  • Currency
  • Watercraft
  • Luxury Automobiles

     We employ only the highest quality professional risk-mitigators and problem-solvers our industry has to offer. ARDENT Protection Agents are a highly skilled and experienced group of professionals, with backgrounds in Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Military, Private Investigation, Government & Private Security, Covert Protection, and High-Threat Protection.


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