24/7 Emergency Response

Highly trained and experienced Officers & Agents, ready to respond to any emergency situation

     ARDENT’s Emergency Response Team is a 24/7 on-call service staffed by highly experienced Security & Protection Professionals. Led by a passionate management team with over 40 years of experience, our Agents and Officers are ready and able to assist with preparing for, responding to, or recovering from any range of disasters or unexpected emergencies.   


     Reliable real-time Intelligence, and peace of mind are priceless in the midst of an emergency. In ARDENT you have an experienced and transparent Security & Protection agency that can offer expert-level solutions essential at all phases of handling a crisis.


  • Hurricanes & Natural Disasters
  • Fire Watch
  • Commodities Escort & Protection
  • Workplace Violence Prevention & Response
  • Civil Unrest / Hostile Demonstrations
  • Burglary & Robbery Risk
  • Unforeseen Crisis
  • Risk & Vulnerability Analysis
  • 24/7 Asset Protection
  • Site Surveys  (Damage and Theft Reporting)


     ARDENT’s mission is to be a leader in professionalizing the Security & Protection industry. Starting with generating value for our clients by offering superior service, tailored training, and above industry-standard compensation for our staff. 

     We aim to re-build the long-lost trust between Security Client and Security Provider through transparency, open communication, and by living the ARDENT promise. 

Schedule a free consultation with one of ARDENT’s dedicated emergency response professionals. Calls us 24/7 at 954.787.3700.

Frequently Asked Questions

Firewatch Security Services are legally mandated by state and local ordinances anytime a commercial or residential property is facing fire alarm or sprinkler system issues.

Common issues include: * Fire alarm system partially or fully out of service * Fire sprinkler system partially or fully out of service * Fire pump out of service * Chemical hazards

Fire Watch Security Officers have the responsibility of notifying the Fire Department in the event of a fire-related emergency. Officers are tasked with fire prevention duties, extinguishing small fires, notifying and assisting occupants with evacuation, as well as, protecting life and property in accordance with their state-regulated training.

An Emergency Response Officer’s authority is determined by the client. Security Officers act as representatives for their client’s interests while on their property. They have the right to act on their clients behalf, within the confines of the contract in place and local & state law. A major benefit of hiring an emergency response team is their ability to use their training and experience to act on your behalf in uncomfortable and/or dangerous situations.

Our Emergency Response Team is a group of trained and skilled professionals who have real-world experience conducting high-risk protective operations. They are a 24/7 on-call team ready-to-act and respond to potential security breaches and security emergencies at a moment’s notice.

Security Officers are trained to monitor and manage surveillance equipment, patrol properties in vehicles or on foot, control general access points, as well as the critical access points within your property. They understand the appropriate use of emergency services like 911 and Fire Rescue and are trained in responsible detention techniques of violent intruders. They are certified in first aid and are vital in ensuring the rapid response of EMS and law enforcement to emergency situations. They reduce the cost of loss, damage, or sabotage to their client’s property by professionally carrying out the tasks above. They provide useful guidance and information to employees, residents, tenants, guests, and contractors on property.

There are many types of security services, some of the most popular are Uniformed Guard Services, Bike Patrol, Construction Site Security, Executive Protection, 24/7 Emergency Response, Event Security, Firewatch Security, Residential Security, and Security Consulting Services

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