Our Mission is to Elevate the Standard of Excellence for Protection & Security in Florida

ARDENT Protection, LLC is a Florida based protection agency that specializes in high-quality Executive Protection, Emergency Response & Security Consulting. ARDENT offers services to clients who need physical protection for their assets and personnel.

ARDENT’s strivers to be a leader in professionalizing the Security & Protection industry. Starting with generating value for our clients by offering superior service, tailored training, and above industry-standard compensation for our staff.

To the ARDENT Client

     We promise to always value you as an irreplaceable partner in our business. Whether our contract terms are long or short, we promise to serve you “with Passion & Purpose” giving our absolute best at every available opportunity. We promise to always offer value-based pricing for our services. We also promise to be open and transparent and to base our success on your continued satisfaction.

To the ARDENT Team Member

     We promise to be an employer of honesty and integrity, the type you can trust to do the right thing because it’s the right thing. We promise to value you both as a person and a professional. We promise to compensate fairly and on-time. We promise to be a partner in your personal growth as well as your professional growth. We promise to base rewards on performance, initiative, and leadership. We promise to hold you to the highest industry standards and to treat you with the respect that accompanies those standards.

Guard Services

Professional Security Officers trained to patrol properties in vehicles & on foot, and control general & critical access points at any property.
ARDENT’s Uniformed Guard Services Division combines traditional Security Services with quality risk management planning. Going well beyond merely staffing commercial and residential properties with unarmed and armed security officers.

Fire Watch

Highly trained and experienced Officers & Agents, ready to respond to any emergency situation
Reliable real-time Intelligence, and peace of mind are priceless in the midst of an emergency. In ARDENT you have an experienced and transparent Security & Protection agency that can offer expert-level solutions essential at all phases of handling a crisis.

Executive Protection

ARDENT’s EP services are executed in three layers of security, each geared at proactively protecting persons exposed to risk.
Our agents are primarily problem solvers, they bring the calming presence needed during tense situations. They have experience using verbal and non-verbal persuasion techniques as often as necessary to ensure our client’s needs are met.

Event Security

Event security planning & staffing custom-tailored to fit the desired atmosphere and level of risk.
ARDENT’s Special Event Protection Team plays a major role in the overall success of each event. When properly integrated into your event design, the security team can aid in the overall organization, timeliness, and flexibility of any event.

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ARDENT is dedicated to recruiting, training and retaining the best talent.

We aim to re-build the long-lost trust between Security client and Security provider through transparency, open communication, and by living the ARDENT promise.

By only hiring the most well-trained, experienced, and self-driven Security Officers and Protection Agents in the industry, ARDENT maintains an unmatched standard of excellence. From executive and dignitary protection to Disaster Response, ARDENT keeps its client’s interests protected from damage, sabotage, and theft with exceptional professionalism and dedication to service.

Exceptional protection starts with exceptional people. That's why we've committed our staff to ongoing training and continued professional support.

Our Close Protection Teams have extensive worldwide experience, which includes diplomatic protection as well as Executive Protection and includes a robust network of Agents around the world trained on the ARDENT Methodology which includes customer satisfaction, logistics, and crisis management.

Still have questions? Talk to a dedicated ARDENT team members. Available 24/7.

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