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Fire Watch is legally required when any of the following life-safety systems are fully or partially not functioning:

  • Fire Alarm System
  • Sprinkler System
  • Fire Pump System

Florida Fire Prevention Code (FFPC) states If any of the above life-safety hazards occur and cannot be corrected within 4 hours, a building owner or their representative is required to either evacuate the building or provide an adequate Fire Watch until the hazard is repaired.

Experience & Professionalism

Only consider a security company that is a state licensed, insured and has experienced regularly providing Fire Watch Services.

1. How often does your company provide Fire Watch?

2. Are your Security officers fully licensed with Fire Watch experience?

3. How much General Liability insurance coverage do you have?

4. Can we be added to a Certificate of Insurance?

Speed & Responsiveness

When shopping for Fire Watch Security there is often little time. Make sure the provider can begin service within your legally allotted time frame.

1. Where are you located?

2. Who will be in charge of staffing and managing my account?

3. Will I have access to a Manager directly?

4. Will I be provided updates on the initial Officer’s arrival time?

Price & Process

Know that the provider you’re considering has a clearly defined process, that the price matches your scope & budget, and that a secured payment method is in place.
1. What is an estimated price range?

2. Will there be any additional costs?

3. What secured payment method is in place?

4. How soon can we have that agreement for review?

ARDENT Protection

NFPA 101-* Where a required fire alarm system is out of service for more than 4 hours in a 24-hour period, the authority having jurisdiction shall be notified, and the building shall be evacuated or an approved fire watch shall be provided for all parties left unprotected by the shutdown until the fire alarm system has been returned to service.

Fire Watch Security Officers have the responsibility of notifying the Fire Department in the event of a fire-related emergency. Officers are tasked with fire prevention duties, extinguishing small fires, notifying and assisting occupants with evacuation, as well as, protecting life and property in accordance with their state-regulated training.

It is the responsibility of the owner, or their representative, to contact the Fire Marshal’s office once the fire protection systems are repaired or the hazard has been mitigated. The Fire Inspector must confirm that all systems requiring Fire Watch are fully operational, before the service may be terminated.

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Our Officers also create value for their clients in tangible and intangible ways. Tangibly they reduce the cost of loss, damage or sabotage to their clients property by professionally carrying out the tasks above. 

The foundation of any Safety & Security program is to identify the general risks, targeted risks & common hazards. After identifying the list of possible risks and hazards our team then prioritizes each one in preparation for step two.

Designing a comprehensive Safety & Security plan involves using the identified risks to determine key goals and objectives for mitigating and responding to each. 

     Further, it involves painting a clear and realistic picture of each risk-based scenario, determining the time and resources needed to address them, identifying decision points, and selecting viable options for an effective response.

Our Officers understand the appropriate use of emergency services like 911 and Fire Rescue and are trained in responsible detention techniques of violent intruders. 

Contingency plans are necessary for unlikely or catastrophic events. It’s near impossible to develop a detailed plan for each and every possible, however unlikely event. Contingency planning helps fill those gaps to allow for clarity even in chaos.

At this stage, we ensure the plan is adequate in its ability to meet your organization’s key objectives and is a feasible approach to responding to your specific and non-specific concerns. 


It is important that anyone who has a role within any part of the plan knows that role thoroughly. We help ensure your security plan is adequate in its ability to meet your organization’s key objectives and is a feasible approach to responding to your specific and non-specific concerns. We’re dedicated to building you a plan that is cost-effective and practical, but most importantly, complete.

ARDENT Protection’s Fire Watch Security Guarantees:

Our guarantee is supported by our unwavering client focus, the ARDENT culture of screening, interviewing, continuously training our staff, leadership development, and exceptional customer service.

  • 24/7 Response on our toll-free hotline
  • Officer en-route in quickly
  • Local, State & National Fire Prevention Code Compliance
  • Fire Watch Logs maintained at regular 15, 30, or 60-minute intervals
  • Open communication and transparency during service

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