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ARDENT's clients expect a Firewatch service that offers quick response, immediate start-up, and a secure, uncomplicated payment process. Officers who are attentive, accurately fill out firewatch logs, and consistently send those logs to the local Fire Marshal.

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Fire Watch Security Officers have the responsibility of notifying the Fire Department in the event of a fire-related emergency. Officers are tasked with fire prevention duties, extinguishing small fires, notifying and assisting occupants with evacuation, as well as, protecting life and property in accordance with their state-regulated training. It is the responsibility of the owner, or their representative, to contact the Fire Marshal’s office once the fire protection systems are repaired or the hazard has been mitigated. The Fire Inspector must confirm that all systems requiring Fire Watch are fully operational, before the service may be terminated.

Experience & Professionalism

Only consider a security company that is a state licensed, insured and has experienced regularly providing Fire Watch Services.
ARDENT’s Uniformed Guard Services Division combines traditional Security Services with quality risk management planning. Going well beyond merely staffing commercial and residential properties with unarmed and armed security officers.
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Speed & Responsiveness

When shopping for Fire Watch Security there is often little time. Make sure the provider can begin service within your legally allotted time frame.
Our agents are primarily problem solvers, they bring the calming presence needed during tense situations. They have experience using verbal and non-verbal persuasion techniques as often as necessary to ensure our client’s needs are met.
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Price, Precision & Process

Know that the provider you’re considering has a clearly defined process, that the price matches your scope & budget, and that a secured payment method is in place.
Reliable real-time Intelligence, and peace of mind are priceless in the midst of an emergency. In ARDENT you have an experienced and transparent Security & Protection agency that can offer expert-level solutions essential at all phases of handling a crisis.
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Over 6000 Hours of Licensed Fire Watch Security Delivered Monthly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fire watch security is a temporary security measure that is used to protect a building or property from fire damage or injury while there is a fire hazard present. This can be due to a variety of reasons, such as a faulty electrical system, a construction project, or a planned demolition.

The responsibility for fire watch security usually falls on the owner or lessee of the property. However, in some cases, the responsibility may be transferred to a third party, such as a construction company or a demolition contractor.

The purpose of fire watch security is to prevent fires from occurring in the first place, and to detect any fires that do occur as quickly as possible. This can help to minimize the damage caused by the fire and to protect the lives of people and property.

A fire watch guard is responsible for patrolling the property, monitoring for signs of fire, and reporting any suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities. They may also be responsible for operating fire extinguishers or other fire-fighting equipment.

Fire watch guards should receive training on fire safety procedures, including how to operate fire extinguishers, evacuate buildings, and provide first aid. They should also be familiar with the layout of the property and the location of fire hydrants and other emergency equipment.

Fire watch guards should be equipped with a flashlight, a whistle, a map of the property, and a first aid kit. They may also be required to wear reflective clothing and carry a fire extinguisher.

The duration of fire watch security will vary depending on the specific fire hazard. However, it is typically required for a minimum of 24 hours.

Fire watch guards should maintain a log of their activities, including the time, date, and location of their checks, as well as any observations or incidents they have witnessed. This log can be used to demonstrate that fire watch security was properly conducted.

Failure to implement fire watch security could have serious consequences, including:

  • Fire damage to the property
  • Injury or death to people
  • Legal liability for the owner or lessee

Fire watch security can provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Reduced risk of fire damage
  • Improved safety for people and property
  • Reduced legal liability

There are a number of fire watch security providers available. You can find one by searching online or contacting your local fire department.

When choosing a fire watch security provider, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Experience
  • Qualifications
  • Insurance
  • References

You can ensure that fire watch security is effective by:

  • Choosing a reputable provider
  • Training your guards properly
  • Monitoring their performance

The latest trends in fire watch security include:

  • The use of technology, such as mobile apps and sensors, to monitor the property
  • The use of drones to inspect the property from the air
  • The use of virtual reality training for guards


The future of fire watch security is likely to be shaped by the continued development of technology. As technology becomes more sophisticated, it will be possible to develop even more effective and efficient fire watch solutions.

Have more questions? Speak to one of our dedicated ARDENT team members. Available 24/7.

Fire Watch services can often be deployed in as little as 90 minutes, with our standard setup time being 4 hours. However, advanced notice is a welcomed luxury.

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ARDENT Protection

Fire Watch personnel complete regular patrols to assist with fire prevention, annotate life safety concerns, and assist with evacuations, they also submit fire watch logs to the Fire Marshal to help ensure regulatory compliance, and avoid client fines.

  • Secure & Streamlined Payment Process: Ensuring hassle-free transactions for our clients.
  • Attentive & Accurate Logging: Diligent recording of fire watch logs and consistent submission to the Fire Marshal.
  • Regular Patrols: Frequent foot patrols to identify and address fire hazards or life-safety issues.
  • Fire Prevention Efforts: Proactive inspection to identify potential fire risks and enforce fire safety regulations.
  • Equipment Monitoring: Vigilant oversight of fire alarms and sprinkler systems, especially during outages.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Ready and equipped to respond immediately in case of a fire and coordinate with emergency services.
  • Transparent Communication: Keeping clients and relevant authorities informed about potential risks and incidents.

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