24/7 Fire Watch Security

ARDENT’s Fire Watch Guards are tasked with fire prevention duties, extinguishing small fires, notifying and assisting occupants with evacuation, as well as, protecting life and property in accordance with their state-regulated training.

It is the responsibility of the owner, or their representative, to contact the Fire Marshal’s office once the fire protection systems are repaired or the hazard has been mitigated.

After the Fire Inspector has confirmed that systems requiring the fire watch are fully operational, then the Fire Inspector will terminate the fire watch. If any of these conditions occur and cannot be corrected within four (4) hours, the building owner or their representative is required by the Florida Fire Prevention Code (FFPC) to either vacate the building or provide a fire watch until the system is repaired or the hazard mitigated.

Fire Watch Security Officers have the responsibility of notifying the Fire Department in the event of a fire-related emergency when…

1. Fire alarm system is partially or fully out of service
2. Fire sprinkler system is partially or fully out of service
3. Fire pump is out of service
4. During chemical hazards
5. Other conditions as required by the Fire Department

Fire Watch Security Services are often legally mandated by state and local ordinance anytime a commercial or residential property is facing fire alarm or sprinkler system issues.

(NFPA 101-* Where a required fire alarm system is out of service for more than 4 hours in a 24-hour period, the authority having jurisdiction shall be notified, and the building shall be evacuated or an approved fire watch shall be provided for all parties left unprotected by the shutdown until the fire alarm system has been returned to service.)

ARDENT Protection’s Fire Watch Security Guarantees:

ARDENT applicants attend 16-hours of above industry-standard training, evaluation, and examination prior to employment. Our officers are trained in verbal de-escalation, and understand when it is appropriate to contact emergency services. They understand that the physical detention of any person is an absolute last resort; reserved only to preserve life or mitigate serious injury.

Executive Protection

ARDENT’s Executive Protection services are executed in three layers of security, each geared at proactively protecting persons exposed to risk.
Our agents are primarily problem solvers, they bring the calming presence needed during tense situations. They have experience using verbal and non-verbal persuasion techniques as often as necessary to ensure our client’s needs are met.
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Event Security

Event security planning & staffing custom-tailored to fit the desired atmosphere and level of risk.
ARDENT’s Special Event Protection Team plays a major role in the overall success of each event. When properly integrated into your event design, the security team can aid in the overall organization, timeliness, and flexibility of any event.
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Emergency Response

Highly trained and experienced Officers & Agents, ready to respond to any emergency situation
Reliable real-time Intelligence, and peace of mind are priceless in the midst of an emergency. In ARDENT you have an experienced and transparent Security & Protection agency that can offer expert-level solutions essential at all phases of handling a crisis.
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Professional Security Officers trained to patrol properties in vehicles & on foot. We control general & critical access points at any property.

 Our guarantees are supported by our unwavering client focus, the ARDENT culture, screening, interviewing, continuously training our staff, leadership development, and dedication to exceptional customer service.

We believe that good work speaks for itself so we're happy to supply case studies and customer testimonials on demand.

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