Workplace Violence Prevention

Our workplace violence prevention program offers peace-of-mind during uncomfortable times.

  • Hostile termination
  • Cancellation of services
  • Unexpected termination of contracts
  • Suspensions or layoffs
  • Massive salary cuts


     If your staff has concerns about the safety of your work environment it is wise to at a minimum, have professionals investigate the root of that concern, and present comprehensive solutions. Certainly with, but even without direct threats having been made. Prior to delivering unfavorable news to staff or vendors, executives and managers should implement a heightened protection strategy to mitigate the increased risk.


     There are several options for increasing the Security & Protection of your business to address the temporarily increased risk. 

  • A low-profile (covert) Protection Agent tactfully implanted into your office environment is an excellent approach that allows for high-level security without introducing tension or panic into your workplace.


  • Private Investigations are a great tool for reporting suspicious actions that may indicate a higher probability of intended harm to you and your staff.


  • Professional Armed Security overtly positioned, is a great visual & physical deterrent for non-specific threats to your work environment.


     The professionals that work with ARDENT Protection are passionate high-performers who are dedicated to keeping you and your team safe. Our practitioners are highly skilled and experienced professionals from various backgrounds in the Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Military, Private Investigation, Government & Private Security, Executive & Covert Protection, High-Threat Protection, and Counter-Terrorism communities.

     ARDENT Protection, LLC partners with our clients to ensure a safe and healthy work environment that allows your staff to focus on productivity; and not fear harassment, embarrassment, or violence in your workplace.


Still have questions? Schedule a free consultation with one of ARDENT’s dedicated Workplace Violence Consultants. Calls us 24/7 at 954.787.3700.