The Protection Agency Trusted to Safeguard Some of Florida's Most Risk Exposed Executives & Dignitaries

Our Skilled Close Protection Agents overtly & covertly safeguard people exposed to risk against physical harm, embarrassment, or diminished public perception.

In today's environment it's crucial that organizations have a thoroughly designed safety & security plan to keep their staff safe, and a team of security professionals who can tactfully carry it out.

Executive Protection & Protective Intelligence

Protective Intelligence is the non-physical, outermost layer of our EP framework, it employs Intelligence Analysts and systems to identify and assess geographic, general, and targeted risk. The middle layer is the Protective Advance layer, It does a lot of the logistical heavy lifting necessary for any protection detail’s success. The Close Protection layer is where skilled protectors, overtly or covertly, safeguard their protectees from physical threats, harm, and embarrassment.

Bodyguarding & Close Protection

Armed with data collected from intelligence analysis and plans designed during the advance planning phase, Close Protection Agents use their knowledge of non-verbal cues & pre-attack indicators, advanced first aid, verbal persuasion, defensive tactics, and protective firearms skills to keep our clients safe, productive, and unhindered throughout each day.

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Every ARDENT armed agent is skilled in defensive firearms skills. They understand if forced to deploy weapons, that their task is to quickly and safely evacuate their principal.

 Every ARDENT Agent is a contingency planner, they account for the unaccountable to ensure safety and productivity. Our agents are primarily problem solvers, they bring the calming presence needed during tense situations. They have experience using verbal and non-verbal persuasion techniques as often as necessary to ensure our client’s needs are met.

ARDENT’s Executive Protection Agents are proactive. They have been expertly trained to assess and mitigate any range of risks or threats before they occur.

Our Agents train in martial arts to stop physical threats with ease and grace, to not cause unnecessary harm or attention.They are certified in first aid and are vital in ensuring the rapid response of EMS and law enforcement to emergency situations. They are knowledgeable about emergency medicine and can evaluate and respond to a range of injuries and illnesses.

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