Executive Protection & Bodyguard Services

Our Close Protection Teams have extensive worldwide experience, which includes diplomatic protection as well as Executive Protection and includes a robust network of Agents around the world.

ARDENT’s Executive Protection services are executed in three layers of security, each geared at proactively protecting persons exposed to risk.

Executive Protection & Protective Intelligence

Protective Intelligence is the non-physical, outermost layer of our EP framework, it employs Intelligence Analysts and systems to identify and assess geographic, general, and targeted risk. The middle layer is the Protective Advance layer, It does a lot of the logistical heavy lifting necessary for any protection detail’s success. The Close Protection layer is where skilled protectors, overtly or covertly, safeguard their protectees from physical threats, harm, and embarrassment.

Bodyguarding & Close Protection

Armed with data collected from intelligence analysis and plans designed during the advance planning phase, Close Protection Agents use their knowledge of non-verbal cues & pre-attack indicators, advanced first aid, verbal persuasion, defensive tactics, and protective firearms skills to keep our clients safe, productive, and unhindered throughout each day.

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The key values of an ARDENT Protection agent are maturity, integrity, emotional intelligence, decisiveness and professionalism.

Corporate Security is one of the essential elements to keeping an organization’s executives and employees not only safe but also productive in the workplace. Operating a corporate office, unfortunately, brings many common unavoidable risks and vulnerabilities.

     Our corporate security & protection strategies are custom-designed to address our clients needs at every level.

  • Workplace violence
  • Active shooters
  • Domestic violence issues brought from home
  • Opportunistic criminal acts i.e. theft, burglary, or vandalism
  • Hostile surveillance
  • Competitive surveillance

     It’s simply impossible to eliminate 100% of risk, for that reason it becomes much more crucial that organizations have A-Z policies and procedures for staff to follow, a thoroughly designed safety & security plan to keep their staff safe, and a team of security professionals who can tactfully carry it out.

Yes. ARDENT maintains insurance well above the required minimum for security agencies and is licensed in the State of Florida.

Residential Security, also referred to as Estate Security, is a 24/7 proactive protective service for the homes of high net-worth individuals. 

     The purpose of an estate’s Safety & Security Program is to safeguard the family, staff & visitors; the residence’s structure, vehicles & valuables; and to ensure privacy from the general public. Services typically begin with a thorough Risk, Threat & Vulnerability Assessment, and include electronic security measures installation, maintenance, and monitoring, armed and/or unarmed residential security officers, access control, and vendor management.

     Our professional Security Officers & Agents have been trusted to safeguard Life, Property & Information by some of this country’s most at-risk individuals.

     Contracting a professional Residential Security Company is necessary for maintaining the home as a place for rest and family time.

Yes, Our drivers are trained specifically in protection driving to include client comfort, emergency responses, and surveillance.

Protective Intelligence is used to determine risks, threats, and vulnerabilities to our principle before they touch ground. Data collected by Protective Intelligence agents is securely analyzed, processed for credibility, and delivered to the executive protection team leadership with mitigation recommendations for consideration.

Close Protection is the critically important, physical element of the Executive Protection program. It is the safeguard against physical attacks, risks of embarrassment, or diminished public perception for clients. Close protection is always necessary as it is the only layer of security that can address the opportunistic attacker. Bodyguarding falls directly into that role.

Executive Protection, when performed properly goes well beyond its obvious protective functions. A respectable Executive Protection Agency understands their role in ensuring client confidentiality, ease of movement, time management, desired public perception, and overall productivity.

Executive Protection services can be grand in scope and are a useful solution across many demographics. EP agencies provide solutions for people exposed to risk, these are most often high net worth individuals (HNWIs), corporate executives, celebrities, dignitaries, political figures, or any person or organization under direct threat of disruptions, embarrassment, or physical harm.

ARDENT’s Executive Protection Agents are proactive. They have been expertly trained to assess and mitigate any range of risks or threats before they occur.

Our Agents train in martial arts to stop physical threats with ease and grace, to not cause unnecessary harm or attention.They are certified in first aid and are vital in ensuring the rapid response of EMS and law enforcement to emergency situations. They are knowledgeable about emergency medicine and can evaluate and respond to a range of injuries and illnesses. Every armed agent is skilled in defensive firearms skills. They understand if forced to deploy weapons, that their task is to quickly and safely evacuate their principal.

Guard Services

Professional Security Officers trained to patrol properties in vehicles & on foot, and control general & critical access points at any property.
ARDENT’s Uniformed Guard Services Division combines traditional Security Services with quality risk management planning. Going well beyond merely staffing commercial and residential properties with unarmed and armed security officers.
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Event Security

Event security planning & staffing custom-tailored to fit the desired atmosphere and level of risk.
ARDENT’s Special Event Protection Team plays a major role in the overall success of each event. When properly integrated into your event design, the security team can aid in the overall organization, timeliness, and flexibility of any event.
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Emergency Response

Highly trained and experienced Officers & Agents, ready to respond to any emergency situation
Reliable real-time Intelligence, and peace of mind are priceless in the midst of an emergency. In ARDENT you have an experienced and transparent Security & Protection agency that can offer expert-level solutions essential at all phases of handling a crisis.
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We Also Offer Security Driving & Executive Transport

Available in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale Metro. Ride in comfort and with peace of mind. Schedule transportation with us.

Our Executive Protection Agents are risk mitigators who provide proactive protective solutions for concerns involving risk, threat, access, confidentiality, and logistics.

 Every ARDENT Agent is a contingency planner, they account for the unaccountable to ensure safety and productivity. Our agents are primarily problem solvers, they bring the calming presence needed during tense situations. They have experience using verbal and non-verbal persuasion techniques as often as necessary to ensure our client’s needs are met.

We believe that good work speaks for itself so we're happy to supply case studies and customer testimonials on demand.

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