Event Security

ARDENT’s Special Event Protection Team plays a major role in the overall success of each event. When properly integrated into your event design, the security team can aid in the overall organization, timeliness, and flexibility of any event.

Time Management

Security Officers are trained to monitor and manage surveillance equipment, patrol properties in vehicles or on foot, control general access points, as well as the critical access points within your property.
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Evaluation & Reporting

They understand the appropriate use of emergency services like 911 and Fire Rescue and are trained in responsible detention techniques of violent intruders.
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They are certified in first aid and are vital in ensuring the rapid response of EMS and law enforcement to emergency situations.
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Real-time Problem Solving

They provide useful guidance and information to employees, residents, tenants, guests, and contractors on property.
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Event security planning & staffing custom-tailored to fit the desired atmosphere and level of risk

The Risk, Threat & Vulnerability Assessment for special events proactively identifies potential concerns involving uninvited guests, General Risk, Targeted Risk, Protestors, Agitators, Confidentiality, Unwelcome Media, or Vendor Personnel.

Pricing for special event security is highly dependent on your specific needs, risk level, guest list, etc. Generally speaking the hourly rate for Professional Security Officers is between $30/hr – $75/hr. This of course, depends heavily on the level of experience necessary for the event. You can expect the rate for Security Officers with 1 – 3 years of private security experience to be significantly lower than that of officers with prior SWAT Team experience for instance.

A Special Event Security Team plays a major role in the overall success of each event. When properly integrated into an events design, the security team will aid in the overall organization, timeliness, and flexibility of any event.

Yes. ARDENT maintains insurance well above the required minimum for security agencies and is a licensed Security Agency in the state of Florida. All Security Officers and Protection Agents have and maintain the appropriate state security license and recurrent training.

A Security Officer’s authority is determined by the client. Security Officers act as representatives for their client’s interests while on their property. They act on their clients’ behalf, within the confines of the contract in place and local & state law. A major benefit of contracting a Securityagency is their ability to use their training and experience to act on your behalf in uncomfortable and/or dangerous situations.

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Event Security planning involves our detailed 5 step process: 1. Venue Survey 2. Client Vision & Expectations 3. Risk & Vulnerabilities Assessment 4. Operational & Logistical Planning 5. Working the Event

An Event Security Team serves as the event organizer’s partner, by aiding & assisting with time management, desired event outcome, servicing special guests, ushering vendors, post-event evaluating & reporting, logistics, and real-time problem-solving.

The above, of course, comes in addition to conducting the conventional security functions of vendor vetting, crowd control, controlling access points, mitigating property theft or damage, securing special guests, responding to medical emergencies, and courteously handling troublesome attendees.

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Our Event Protection Team has extensive experience conducting security & protection operations for high-end and High-risk events.

Our Personnel have no less than 6 years of experience and are specifically trained on special event protection methodology, which includes customer satisfaction, crowd control, and tension reduction.

We believe that good work speaks for itself so we're happy to supply case studies and customer testimonials on demand.

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