Hire Professional Event Security

ARDENT's clients expect Event Security Teams that arrive on time, prioritize customer service, dress appropriately, carry out their duties independently, blend into the event's atmosphere, and are able to quickly adapt to any changes during the event.

Event Security teams work closely with event organizers, managing time, assisting special guests, coordinating with vendors, and helping to ensure a secure environment through effective crowd control, medical response, and asset protection.

Expert Event Security Teams

Our event security teams are composed of experts who have undergone in-house training and thorough vetting. They bring unmatched professionalism to the field, ensuring the safety and security of your event.

Committed Leadership & Operational Excellence

Our leadership team is fully dedicated to hands-on management and operational excellence in our Event Security Services. Safety and compliance are our foremost priorities, helping to ensure a secure environment.

Desired Atmosphere

A secure and accommodating environment, carefully tailored to your unique preferences for harmonious and uninterrupted events.

Tailored Support for Your Special Event

Central to our services is our commitment to delivering client-centric support. We provide meticulous operational management and unwavering quality assurance, tailored to the unique security needs of your event.

Advanced Event Risk Management

Through real-time monitoring and comprehensive reporting, we excel in overseeing security at your event. This allows us to proactively mitigate risks and enhance safety for all attendees.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance independently inspects the quality of our services and directly reports their findings to the CEO. You are encouraged to contact them anytime with your observations and suggestions about our service delivery, including positive acknowledgments, as well as any feedback regarding Officers and Operations Leadership.

ARDENT Protection

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Event Protection Team has extensive experience conducting security & protection operations for high-end and High-risk events.​

An Event Security Team serves as the event organizer’s partner, by aiding & assisting with time management, desired event outcome, servicing special guests, ushering vendors, post-event evaluating & reporting, logistics, and real-time problem-solving.

The above, of course, comes in addition to conducting the conventional event security functions of vendor vetting, crowd control, controlling access points, mitigating property theft or damage, securing special guests, responding to medical emergencies, and courteously handling troublesome attendees.

Our agents provide services to select large, medium, or intimate sized special events. We specifically specialize in corporate events, fundraisers, political functions, book signings and private meetings. Our event management team is experienced in implementing the necessary safety & security plans specific to your desired atmosphere and level of risk.

ARDENT’s Risk, Threat & Vulnerability Assessment for special events proactively identifies potential concerns involving uninvited guests, General Risk, Targeted Risk, Protestors, Agitators, Confidentiality, Unwelcome Media, or Vendor Personnel.

During our free assessment we can discuss the standard considerations, identify your personal needs, address special requests and provide a quote. Another option would be to request our free event assessment ]guide that will walk you through the event security considerations and help you as you shop for the agency with the right fit.

Absolutely! Depending on the risk level and exposure of your event it may be wise to request a thorough sweep of the venue prior to the event and that agents maintain access control and surveillance of the location and surrounding areas before, during and until all valuables and key personnel are safely out of the venue.

A Lead Agent, Team Leader, or Agent in Charge will be onsite throughout your event and ARDENT’s executive leadership is available 24/7 should you have any concern.

ARDENT can get started with services in less than 24 hours. We also offer 24/7 Emergency Response.

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ARDENT Protection

Exceptional protection starts with exceptional people. That's why we've committed our staff to ongoing training and continued professional support.

Ensuring the desired flow of attendees before, during, after the event.

Controlling access to entrance and exit points.

Detailed preparation for incidents, emergencies or evacuations.

Outlining security plan with event organizers.

Mobile patrols and static observation of the premises to proactively identify risks, deter crime and prevent incidents.

Politely providing information to clients, visitors, guests and the public.

Have more questions? Speak to one of our dedicated ARDENT team members. Available 24/7.


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