Guard Services & Private Security

ARDENT’s Uniformed Guard Services Division combines traditional Security Services with quality risk management planning. Going well beyond merely staffing commercial and residential properties with unarmed and armed security officers.

24 Hour Response

Security Officers are trained to monitor and manage surveillance equipment, patrol properties in vehicles or on foot, control general access points, as well as the critical access points within your property.
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State Licensed & Insured

They understand the appropriate use of emergency services like 911 and Fire Rescue and are trained in responsible detention techniques of violent intruders.
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Military & Law Enforcement Exp

They are certified in first aid and are vital in ensuring the rapid response of EMS and law enforcement to emergency situations.
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Access to Reports in Real-Time

They provide useful guidance and information to employees, residents, tenants, guests, and contractors on property.
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We've been trusted to provide security for a variety of clients throughout the United States.

A good Security Officer is someone how is mature, has integrity, maintains a clean and neat uniform, processes emotional intelligence, is calm under pressure, is timely, confident (not cocky), decisive, professional, and customer service oriented.

ARDENT Protection’s executive team has 40+ years of operational experience across multiple disciplines; Including Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Special Operations, Private Investigations, Private Security, Executive & Covert Protection, High-Threat Protection, and Counter-Terrorism.

es. Our Agents provide services to select large, medium, or intimate sized events. We specifically specialize in corporate events, fundraisers, political functions, book signings, and private meetings. Our event management team is experienced in implementing the needed safety & security plan specific to your desired atmosphere and level of risk.

Yes. ARDENT maintains insurance well above the required minimum for security agencies and is a licensed Security Agency in the state of Florida. All Security Officers and Protection Agents have and maintain the appropriate state security license and recurrent training.

A Security Officer’s authority is determined by the client. Security Officers act as representatives for their client’s interests while on their property. They act on their clients’ behalf, within the confines of the contract in place and local & state law. A major benefit of contracting a Securityagency is their ability to use their training and experience to act on your behalf in uncomfortable and/or dangerous situations.

ARDENT applicants attend 16-hours of above industry-standard training, evaluation, and examination prior to employment. Our officers are trained in verbal de-escalation, and understand when it is appropriate to contact emergency services. They understand that the physical detention of any person is an absolute last resort; reserved only to preserve life or mitigate serious injury.

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Professional Security Officers trained to patrol properties in vehicles & on foot. We control general & critical access points at any property.

 Our guarantees are supported by our unwavering client focus, the ARDENT culture, screening, interviewing, continuously training our staff, leadership development, and dedication to exceptional customer service.

Hurricane Response Security & Disaster Relief

  • Hurricanes & Natural Disasters
  • Civil Unrest / Hostile Demonstrations
  • Burglary & Robbery Risk
  • Terroristic Acts
  • Unforeseen Crisis
  • Risk & Vulnerability Analysis
  • 24/7 Asset Protection
  • Vehicle escorts for staff, assets, or vendors
  • Site surveys with damage and theft reporting

We believe that good work speaks for itself so we're happy to supply case studies and customer testimonials on demand.

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A member of the ARDENT team will be in touch within 24 hours. For emergency response, please call our toll-free number (954)787-3700.


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