Trusted to Safeguard Florida's Most At Risk People, Properties & Places

ARDENT's Security Consulting team has 40+ years of experience designing and providing high-quality security solutions to clients across multiple industries.

Our guarantee is supported by our unwavering client focus, the ARDENT culture of screening, interviewing, continuously training our staff, leadership development, and exceptional customer service.

Our Officers also create value for their clients in tangible and intangible ways. Tangibly they reduce the cost of loss, damage or sabotage to their clients property by professionally carrying out the tasks above. 

The foundation of any Safety & Security program is to identify the general risks, targeted risks & common hazards. After identifying the list of possible risks and hazards our team then prioritizes each one in preparation for step two.

Designing a comprehensive Safety & Security plan involves using the identified risks to determine key goals and objectives for mitigating and responding to each. 

     Further, it involves painting a clear and realistic picture of each risk-based scenario, determining the time and resources needed to address them, identifying decision points, and selecting viable options for an effective response.

Our Officers understand the appropriate use of emergency services like 911 and Fire Rescue and are trained in responsible detention techniques of violent intruders. 

Contingency plans are necessary for unlikely or catastrophic events. It’s near impossible to develop a detailed plan for each and every possible, however unlikely event. Contingency planning helps fill those gaps to allow for clarity even in chaos.

At this stage, we ensure the plan is adequate in its ability to meet your organization’s key objectives and is a feasible approach to responding to your specific and non-specific concerns. 


It is important that anyone who has a role within any part of the plan knows that role thoroughly. We help ensure your security plan is adequate in its ability to meet your organization’s key objectives and is a feasible approach to responding to your specific and non-specific concerns. We’re dedicated to building you a plan that is cost-effective and practical, but most importantly, complete.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Licensed Security Officers are trained to monitor and manage surveillance equipment, patrol properties in vehicles or on foot, control general access points, as well as the critical access points within your property. Point blank, our Security Officers are responsible for keeping property safe and staff secure.

Professional Security Officers are trusted to maintain their physical and mental readiness and respond to security breaches and emergencies. They understand the appropriate use of emergency services like 911 and Fire Rescue and are trained in responsible detention techniques of violent intruders. Most importantly they understand that physical interaction with anyone is an absolute last resort, and is only to be used to preserve life or to protect themselves or others from great bodily harm. They are certified in first aid and are vital in ensuring the rapid response of EMS and law enforcement to emergency situations. 

The basic Security Officer responsibilities include protecting property, securing premises and managing video surveillance. Other services include permitting entry, preventing theft and damage to property. As a result, a security guard can prevent damage, theft, unwanted irregularities and trespassers.

Yes, both armed Security Officers and Unarmed Security Officers must be licensed in their state to legally conduct security operations. The topics covered during state licensure often include; Legal Aspects of Private Security, Role of Private Security Officers, Security Officer Conduct, Principles of Communications, Observation and Incident Reporting, Safeguarding Information, Physical Security, Interviewing Techniques, Emergency Preparedness, Safety Awareness, and Medical Emergencies.

ARDENT Protection LLC, is an insured & licensed Security Agency in the state of Florida. All Security Officers or Protection Agents maintain the appropriate state security license and recurrent training.

A Security Officer’s authority is actually determined by the client. Security Officers act as representatives for their clients interests while on their scheduled shifts, and only on their client’s property. They have the right to act on their clients behalf, within the confines of the contract in place. The benefit of having a Professional Security Officer assigned to your property becomes their ability to use the training listed above to act on your behalf in uncomfortable and/or dangerous situations.

Yes, Security Officers have the same right to detain as any citizen under the laws of citizen’s arrest. All citizen’s arrests must be immediately followed by law enforcement notification without delay. A security license itself does grant any additional authority to arrest or detain. The benefit of licensed Security Officers is their training, experience and ability to assess when a citizen’s arrest is legal, justified, and entirely necessary.

Yes, we offer guard services 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. In addition to our officers on post overnight, our management team does regular site visits throughout the night. Overnight shifts are challenging for many, they can require heightened awareness during long periods of inactivity. We take special care to assign such a critically important shift to those accustomed and experienced at working overnight.

Value. We bring value to each client with customized solutions for their concerns. Many times the first task in creating value is developing a safety &  security program that fits our clients budgetary concerns. 

Quality. Our Officers and Agents are skilled professionals, with verified backgrounds and personalities that make them uniquely prepared to protect our clients and their interests from loss, harm or embarrassment. Passion, for service, for protection, for helping others. Passion is at the core of the ARDENT Protection culture. 

From the Executive team to the Close Protection Agents to Professional Security Officers, Passion drives the ARDENT family to meet our client’s unique needs, exceed their expectations and do so with unparalleled professionalism.

Absolutely! Supervisors & account managers are available 24/7 for urgent requests. The leadership is also at your service if you have any operational or billing questions.

ARDENT can get started with services in less than 24 hours. We also offer 24/7 Emergency Response.

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ARDENT Protection

Exceptional protection starts with exceptional people. That's why we've committed our staff to ongoing training and continued professional support.

Our Close Protection Teams have extensive worldwide experience, which includes diplomatic protection as well as Executive Protection and includes a robust network of Agents around the world trained on the ARDENT Methodology which includes customer satisfaction, logistics, and crisis management.

Have more questions? Speak to one of our dedicated ARDENT team members. Available 24/7.

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