Learn How to Protect Yourself & Others With Safety & Tactical Training​

Officer and Personal Protection Training. On-site or at our Sunrise, Florida training facility.​

Our instructors come from backgrounds in Federal, State & Local Law Enforcement, Military Special Operations & Medical Professions.

Students will be ready to successfully complete a nationally standardized shooting qualification, understand key firearms safety practices, be comfortable and confident when handling and shooting a firearm, have a thorough understanding of common gun range safety rules, and know how to safely and properly maintain their firearm and ammunition.


Earn your Class D security license which certifies you to work as an unarmed security officer. Forty hours of training as required by Section 493.6303(4), Florida Statutes. Subjects to be taught and the corresponding number of hours are outlined below:

  1. Legal Aspects of Private Security (6 Hours)
  2. Role of Private Security Officer (2 Hours)
  3. Security Officer Conduct (3 Hours)
  4. Principles of Communications (2 Hours)
  5. Observations and Incident Reporting (4 Hours)
  6. Principles of Access Control (1 Hours)
  7. Patrols (1 Hour)
  8. Principles of Safeguarding Information (1 Hour)
  9. Physical Security (1 Hour)
  10. Interviewing Techniques (1 Hour)
  11. Emergency Preparedness (1.5 Hours)
  12. Safety Awareness (2.5 Hours)
  13. Medical Emergencies (4.5 Hours)
  14. Terrorism (2.5 Hours)
  15. Event Security and Special Assignments (1 Hour)
  16. Communications Systems (1 Hour)
  17. Special Issues (4 Hours)
  18. Introductions to Weapons (1 Hour)


Chapter 493, Florida Statutes, requires an applicant for a Class “G” Statewide Firearm License to satisfy minimum training criteria for firearms established by rule of the department, which includes but is not limited to, 28 hours of range and classroom training taught and administered by a Class “K” instructor.

  • Legal Issues
  • Firearms Safety
  • Firearms Familiarization
  • Ammunition Use
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Drawing and Holstering a Gun
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Use of Cover
  • Weapons Malfunctions
  • Weapon Cleaning
  • Survival Shooting

Note: In addition to completing the annual requalification training required to remain eligible for a Class “G” license, a licensee who has also qualified to carry other types and calibers of approved firearms must complete annual requalifying training for each type and caliber of firearm he or she carries while performing regulated activities.

We offer basic and advanced firearms and hand-to-hand training. We offer tactical training with pistols, shotguns and rifles primarily. First-time gun owners looking to learn safe gun handling principles and foundational shooting skills. Great for experienced shooters looking for a refresher as well.

The differences between shooting at a range and during a violent encounter, the psychological & physiological affects the human body goes through during stressful encounters and what to expect, sure it covers shooting fundamentals and holster selection for your new gun.

Course Topics Include:

  • Safety & Skills Assessment
  • How to properly handle common stoppages
  • Addressing Multiple Targets – Static
  • High-Speed Target Engagement
  • Speed Shooting Evaluation Exercise
  • Strong & weak one-handed shooting at speed
  • One-handed pistol manipulations
  • Tactically moving to cover
  • Shooting on the move – forward, backward and laterally
  • Shoot/No Shoot 
  • Engaging multiple targets
  • Engaging targets at touch distances
  • Shooting off angles
  • Differences between cover and concealment
  • Using cover and concealment to your advantage
  • Tactical and speed reloads
  • Stress shooting evaluation

Some situations addressed during the course include drawing while seated in a car, restaurant, or movie theater, shooting from behind cover, changing levels, giving verbal commands to bystanders, and ensuring a safe initial contact with law enforcement.

Build the sturdy foundation needed to excel into more tactical and dynamic shooting applications. This course is best for anyone who uses or carries a firearm professionally, it’s also great for recreational shooters or licensed CCW holders wishing to achieve their next level of mastery with handgun tactics.

We offer several levels of training, from beginner to advanced to expert.Learn the advanced techniques necessary for shooting in unique tactical situations for self-defense and professional applications.

Learn the fundamentals, or reinforce your strengths and hone your technical skills.

Topics are related to:

  • Basic Firearms & Safety Assessment
  • Drawing From Concealment
  • Reacting to Contact
  • Clearing Common Stoppages
  • Getting Off the X
  • Shoot/No-Shoot
  • Quick Acquisition
  • Rapid Engagement
  • Defending Another Person
  • Drawing and Firing From the Seated Position
  • One-Hand Shooting
  • Intro to multiple Attackers
  • Presentation from alert, low ready, high ready
  • Breaking Contact
  • Moving to Distant Cover
  • Shoot/No-Shoot
  • Communication
  • High-Speed Target Engagement Exercises
  • Shooting On The Move
  • Strong and Weak Hand Target Engagements
  • Shoot/No Shoot
  • Moving to Distant Cover
  • Stress shooting scenario

By the end of this course, participants will have gained new knowledge and skills necessary for safely and effectively using a firearm for self-defense in real-world scenarios. Carrying a firearm for personal protection is a great start, but being competent and confident in your ability to protect yourself and your family in multiple situations is an entirely different level of peace.

Our Concealed Carry Course is a beginner level course for those looking to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for responsibly carrying a concealed firearm. This course is designed to be much more than a stepping stone to getting a CCW license.

The value of our CCW course is teaching participants how to be safe without ever needing to use a firearm, while never neglecting all the essential skills they’ll need should they be forced to.

This course best serves gun owners who wish to gain the training necessary to legally and ethically carry a concealed firearm for self-defense.

By the end of this course, participants will have a firm understanding of the additional safety concerns for carrying a concealed firearm, will understand the parts and operation of their pistol, and how to clean, maintain and store it. They’ll leave more comfortably drawing from concealment, and addressing weapon stoppages. The most important takeaway, of course, is the knowledge and skills needed to recognize and avoid violent encounters before they take place. 

  • Firearm Safety
  • Pistol Nomenclature 
  • Selecting a Pistol for Self-Defense
  • Basic Defensive Pistol Skills
  • Drawing from Concealment
  • Loading & Stoppage Remediation
  • Mindset for Defense Encounters 
  • Pistol Concealment
  • Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Additional Training Opportunities

Exceptional protection starts with exceptional people.

Which is why ARDENT is dedicated to recruiting, training and retaining the best talent.

 By the end of these courses, participants will leave with a greater ability to address and react to threats from unique positions and situations.

Our practice out of the range was so thorough and clear that by the time we got to the range, I was more comfortable with a gun than I had ever been. Ardent Protection is a top of the line organization that truly cares about the student and I would recommend them to anyone looking to do anything with a weapon, and i will be learning with them again.”

– Christie Rincon, Google Review

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Our courses range from a just few hours for basic training, up to anywhere from 2-7 days for tactical and advanced training. 

Participants will have the opportunity to master the concepts of defensive shooting techniques, learn the key legal and ethical considerations for defending the home, and understand the principles and value of planning for home invasion with family members Included in all ARDENT Protection courses are range rental fees, necessary targets, stands, bottled water & lite snacks
  • Firearm of your choice (rentals available, and dependent on course)
  • Rounds (provided by ARDENT)
  • Magazine (x1)
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Comfortable shooting attire
  • Eye & Ear protection (provided by ARDENT)

We are located in Sunrise, Florida currently serve the Miami-Fort Lauderdale Metro. We partner with shooting ranges throughout  Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties.

We recommend bringing your own firearm so that you can get more comfortable with your gun. We also offer firearms and ammunition for training.

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